1000 Santas on Jingle-Juice: Santacon 2013


Santa knows no bounds!  That can be applicable to gender, race, and sobriety this season, as the annual SantaCon kicked off in Union Square.  Referred to as the "Red Tide," hundreds of Santas trumped through the streets, spreading holiday cheer, and liquid courage.

While Rockin' around the Christmas tree, several participants also donated a toy to the San Francisco Fire Department's toy program. At the crazy scene, people were mingling, mistletoeing, and joyfully slurring "Ho Ho Ho!" in union.  The general feel of the crowd was one of warmth and playful cheer, as people scattered in different directions to start their annual bar crawl.

A worldwide event, SantaCon SF attracted over a 1,000 people dressed in a variety of costumes.  In addition to Santa, there were elves, a Santa robot, gingerbread men, even a penguin.

After last week's record breaking cold front, people were ready to unleash!  So even though San Franciscan's may dream of a white Christmas, the sweaty Santa's proved that sunny California, still knows how to party!