The Fashions of 1934 at the Film Noir Soiree

The long-awaited Film Noir Soiree held 350 guests captive as the Power House Trendy Lime Team transported guests back to the days of silver screens greatest murder mysteries: “The Fashions of 1934”and “The Big Sleep.” Guests were plied with delicious drinks borrowed from the inspiration of the evening.  Drinks like the “Old Fashioned” fit for the likes of Humphrey Bogart made with Woodford Reserve Bourbon and Angostura Bitters, a bit of sugar and an orange twist.  Or the “Mistery Ginger” with Chambord flavored vodka and ginger ale, the left us longing for a dark and stormy night with legs that go all the way to heaven. 

With good spirits floating in the air, we hope you took advantage of the black and white photo-booth by Pixilated.   Some stunning shots were taken, view them at  The evenings raffle, with a prize basket provided by SF Room Service raised funds to support the wonderful dance workshops with "All the Way Live" Foundation.

With a smashing success behind us, Trendy Lime team is moving forward to our next era inspired gala.  We are working on the most law-bending era with the "Roaring 20s" gala event at the historical Bently Reserve produced for INSEAD America’s Forum. While this event is primarily intended for the alumni of INSEAD and other premier business schools, limited amount of tickets is available to members of the Trendy Lime network. Info here

On another note, our fearless leader Liana Burtsava will speak on Event Marketing Strategies by invitation of Event Marketing Rockstars on March 19.  If you are interested in demystifying the voodoo that we do when it comes to hosting a successful event please .