10 Reasons You Can't Miss the Alice in Wonderland Bash!

Don’t be late for this very important date! TrendyLime is celebrating five (count ‘em - FIVE!) years of powering classy events, just for you. We wanted to throw the party of a lifetime, and YOU’RE invited! If you’ve pulled your mad hat out of the closet but haven’t put it on quite yet, check out these reasons you can’t miss this unforgettable birthday party! (Get your tickets!)

1. Do Good, Feel Good

Trendy Lime supports the San Francisco community like no other organization. Nearly all our events have a charitable organization that benefits from ticket sales. The birthday bash is no exception. Part of the proceeds from the event will go to Larkin Street Youth Services, assisting San Francisco’s youth in staying off the street. You’ll feel good about partying so hard when you know a great organization is reaping the benefit!


2. Tea for (More Than) Two

Put out your pinkies, friends, we’ve has got a rockin’ tea party! Sponsored by Mighty Leaf, everyone will be there enjoying the delicious delights. The Mad Hatter is pulling out all the stops for this one, so don’t miss this very grown up tea party.


3. Not Your Grandma’s Lawn Game

Who doesn’t love a few games at a party? We’ve got croquet - with flamingoes! That’s right, just like the Queen of Hearts loved this game, you can play with all your friends while enjoying the festivities.


4. Mix, Hobnob and Mingle

Rub shoulders with San Francisco’s prettiest people! Network, meet new friends and enjoy mingling with the sexy TrendyLime community.


5. Creative Cocktails

Down the rabbit hole we go, with lots of creative “Drink Me” cocktails to try! Like Alice experimented, you too can try a variety of delicious drinks and enjoy being surprised by what you find.

6. Character Craziness

Dress up in your best Alice in Wonderland garb and get a little crazy! Don’t miss posing for a photo in the photo booth with the White Rabbit, and the Mad Hatter will be hosting the tea party in style. Don’t miss an opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime selfie with your favorite characters!

7. Choose Your Own Adventure

When you arrive at the party, don’t forget to pick up a Wonderland Map! This map will guide you through all of the curious places to explore all evening. Collect stamps along your journey, and turn in your map to be eligible for fantastic raffle prizes!


8. The Dazzling Drake

A sumptuous venue in the heart of SOMA, Drake Lounge will host this sensational party. A wonderland all on its own, Drake makes our Alice in Wonderland bash a classy, modern, and stylish event!

9. Tempt Fate and See the Future

Have you ever wanted your fortune told? The wise and generous Absolem will be gracing the party with his presence. As any question and get sage advice on how your life will change with the answer...if you dare.

10. TrendyLime Turns FIVE

Any birthday is worth a celebration, but TrendyLime loves creating memorable events for you to enjoy! Show us some love and let us know how you party like a rockstar!

If even one of these reasons makes your mouth water for Wonderland, then you know you’ll have an unbelievably fun time. Missing the Alice in Wonderland bash would be like skipping out on your own birthday celebration. Join us for an unforgettable birthday party! ///Get your tickets here!