5 Best Reasons Why Your Company HAS To Have A Holiday Party

What are the 5 Best Reasons Why Your Company HAS To Have A Holiday Party:

  1. Because You Deserve It. The end of the year is a time for celebration and, let’s be honest, you’ve worked your tail off over the past 12 months deserve a big party.
  2. It’s a Chance to Find out Who's Naughty or Nice.  Holiday parties are a time for letting things go, putting on your dancing shoes and enjoying more than one kind of holiday spirit.  Give your company the chance to let it all go and relax with each other.  
  3. Parties with a Theme Inspire Even the Worst Office Scrooges.  There’s something about hosting a party with a theme that gets everyone in the spirit.  This holds especially true for holiday party themes where you can feature anything from candy canes to Jack Frost.  
  4. Out with the Old, In With the New.  The end of the year is a good time to wrap things up, celebrate successes, and set the tone for the coming year.  What a better way to do this than with a party? Give the new year a good push in the right direction with the end of the year holiday party. 
  5. Mixed Drinks and Mingling Improve Company Morale.  Getting the chance to mingle and bond over things other than work builds connections and a deeper feeling of commitment to the team.  Give your company the chance to meet and greet and you are sure to see increased productivity in the work place. 


At Trendy Lime we will be happy to help you create the most memorable holiday party. You’ll not only save your administrative assistant a lot of headache, but you’ll be getting the packaged deal: a unique theme, custom invitations, catering management, stylish decor, show stopping drink menus and entertainment to keep the conversation flowing. Contact us today and enjoy the special Ho-Ho-Holiday rate.