San Francisco’s Journey to the America’s Cup Yachting Title Begins Now!


This week marks the beginning of this year’s America’s Cup yachting competition. We’re especially excited about this year’s Cup because it takes place in San Francisco, with the Golden Gate Yacht Club defending its 2010 title. This is the first time the competition has ever been held in the San Francisco area.

The history of America’s Cup dates back to 1851 when a schooner dubbed America won a race around the Isle of Wight in England. It is considered the most prestigious trophy in the world of yachting and also serves as a great way to introduce spectators to a sport that they may otherwise be unfamiliar with. 

The actual America’s Cup trophy won’t be contested until September, but races will take part throughout July and August as part of the America’s Cup’s sister competition, the Louis Vuitton Cup. The Louis Vuitton Cup runs from July 1 to August 30 and the winner will have the privilege of facing off against the Golden Gate Yacht Club for the bigger prize, the America’s Cup.

In true San Francisco style, the city will be in celebration mode for the entirety of both the America’s Cup and the Louis Vuitton Cup. The races will take place in the San Francisco Bay, relatively close to shore, making for some great viewing opportunities. An America’s Cup Park has been created at Pier 27/29 as a place for fans to congregate, watch live entertainment, and celebrate the sport. There are a number of different ticketed options for race viewing, either from the shore, on a boat, or from the Pier 39 Rooftop Lounge. Visit the America’s Cup website for more information on tickets.