Trendy Lime Celebrated 007th Anniversary With a Fundraiser

trendy lime 7th anniversary

On October 15th, we celebrated our 7th Anniversary with a swanky James Bond' soiree and fundraiser for La Casa de Las Madres, organisation that changes lives of 2,500+ San Francisco' women every year. 


1. Celebration of 007 years (and counting) of unforgettable, unique parties with Trendy Lime with 150 of our friends - San Francisco' movers and shakers.

2. Occasion to dress up.

3. Good Cause
100% proceeds from the silent auction were donated to non-profit "La Casa de las Madres". Every year, they help 2,500+ women in San Francisco to overcome domestic abuse.

4. Dance to the tunes of all- European DJ trio:
- DJ Marc van Brabant (Netherlands)
- DJ Frenchy Le Freak (France)
- DJ Scody (Italy)

5. Strike a pose - paparazzi on site, as well as James Bond himself

6. Chance to toast to birthdays of our friends Liana's "Female Entrepreneur of the Year, 2016" award.

7. Free admission to a San Francisco' premier venue.

trendy lime 7th anniversary

trendy lime 7th anniversary at w
trendy lime anniversary and fundraiser