Give More, Get More: An Event to Get Back Some of What You Give

At Trendy Lime, we’ve always supported a giving culture, which is why we’ve supported various non-profits and foundations over the years at our events.  We were ecstatic when Lydia from the Givers Club approached us with the idea of bringing like-minded people together to learn how to give more and empower our lives. 

Here’s the Concept: 

There are three kinds of people in the world: matchers, takers, and givers.  Takers are those among us who try to get as much as possible from other people. Matchers are those darling people who will do a favor for you, but then expect a favor in return. And then there are the givers, the lonely souls who give and give and don’t expect anything in return.  

Where do you fall in the spectrum? 

Would you be surprised to learn the givers end up being the most successful of the bunch?  

Studies have actually shown that it is the givers that end up being the most successful in their lives.  Seems impossible, but studies reveal that givers have the most to gain and the most to lose with their generosity.  

The trick, the experts say, is to learn how to eradicate the takers, embrace the matchers and help out the givers a little bit at a time.  Learn all the tips and tricks of being a successful giver at the first monthly meeting of the Givers Club where givers learn to give more and get more from their giving. 

Here’s What You Can Do About It: 

Become part of the world where good things happen to good people, where generosity is rewarded and those who give also succeed. Take part in our next event “Empowering the Givers” and be part of the discussion.  Learn from personal empowerment expert Michael Lorence this Saturday, September 19 from 2PM to 6PM at the The Press Club (-->Tickets)

This event will be powered-up by Trendy Lime, so you’re guaranteed to have fun and share some laughs along the way.  Sign up today!