JETLAG: 7 Points to Awesomeness

JETLAG recap - final.png

Personal note by the founder of Trendy Lime, Liana Burtsava

JETLAG’s third anniversary was a huge success. Full of glamorous guests, hot music, and an ultra-chic fashion show from our friend, American designer Daniel Sudar, it was a nice to remember – but I wanted to go through some points that made me especially happy.

1. Raising Money for Academy of Friends

I’m excited to announce that we raised over $2,000 for such a good cause. Given that the third anniversary of JETLAG coincides with my birthday, I couldn't wish for a better present than helping people in need with services provided through Academy of Friends and the organizations they support. The recently nominated by Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year Christina Resasco jumped on board and lead the charity auction side-by-side with members of the board from the Academy of Friends.

2. Our Team

Throughout the four years of Trendy Lime's existence we've built a rock-star international team! Experts say that an event planner’s job is just as stressful as that of fire fighters and those in the military. JETLAG involved the efforts of a team with over 50 members and all in all, it went pretty smoothly.

3. The Turnout

JETLAG is really becoming a movement that people talk about. We had 400 people out on a Wednesday evening — what a great result!

4. The Global Reach

We’ve always put an emphasis on Trendy Lime’s global focus and the JETLAG movement is a strong part of that mandate. With JETLAG events taking off in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and other Trendy Lime events spotted in Barcelona, Berlin, Vienna, Chicago, New York, and LA, our reach goes far beyond San Francisco.

5. The Fashion

We were privileged that Daniel Sudar, one of the biggest rising stars on the fashion landscape, chose JETLAG to premier his gorgeous underwear collection. Let’s just say that the guests in the front rows by the cat-walk were particularly impressed!

6. Celebrating Equality!

There was an extra reason to celebrate on June 26! The day of the JETLAG coincided with the federal Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Proposition 8 and the ban on same-sex marriage. Here’s to being able to freely love whoever you want to love!

7. Our Partners

I was so pleased see so many local businesses jumping on board and collaborating for a good time and a good cause. Thanks to the local businesses that made contribution to this event: Clift Hotel, Zozi, Uber, Solz, Sonas Denim, Porter Gale, PR Summit, Fairmont Hotel, Amelie Wine bar, and many other amazing and supportive establishments.

Thank you so much to the 400 members of the Trendy Lime community who came out and everyone who worked together to make this evening one of our most successful events ever! Relive all of your favorite moments with our photos.