Mr. Marina Crowned at the 3rd Annual Contest

Mr. Marina

The most dashing men of the bay area vied for the coveted Mr. Marina award last Wednesday night, raising $155,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Event participants worked their runway magic trying to best out the other gents on the block in an effort to get their names on a plaque at Bar None and bottomless drinks for a year. 

With over 1150 tickets sold, the event’s success draws on the hilarity of watching the Bay Area’s finest cajole, impress, and downright charm the audience to win the award.  Supplicated with a sponsored bar and fascinating drinks like the Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey, the audience was easy to convince of the prowess of the male contenders, especially in their talent performances. 

The contest is judged in four sections: money raised (30), marina wear/Q&A (20), swimwear (20) and Talent (30) for 100 total points.  In its most successful year yet, the Mr. Marina hopefuls strutted their stuff and wowed the crowd with the likes of Macklemore and Patrick Swayze’s best performances.  But alas, there can only be one true Mr. Marina and this year that award went to Jeff Zeller, with Cameron Crockett and Ward Sorrick following up in close second and third position. Trendy Lime is happy to have been a media partner on this event.