Welcome Theneeds.com at the Hottest Launch Event of the Season!

theneeds launch.jpg

Bodacious flirting knew no bounds at this year’s fifth annual “Anti-Valentine’s Day Party. Over 250 guests tossed back champagne and practiced their most coquettish wiles on the the dance floors. A special thanks to DJ Habib for providing some deliciously deep tunes and for stepping in as an amicable auctioneer auctioning off three eligible bachelors and two bachelorettes, helping us raise $440 for the charity, All the Way Live Foundation. Congrats to Erin G., this month’s winner of the $200 voucher to GILT. Re-live the best moments of the night at our photo gallery here.

If you are looking to make some great connections among the movers and shakers of the Bay Area, you are welcome to join the Trendy Lime group for the launch of the iPhone app of Theneeds.com. Trendy Lime is powering up the event and we can assure you, this event will stand apart from the other startup events in the Valley. 500 guests already confirmed! TheNeeds is bringing you the latest, most innovative version of the web-tailored to fit you.

Theneeds Launch Party. Feb 26, 7 pm, Harlot, SF. RSVP.

4 reasons Theneeds is the next web service to watch:

1) Theneeds brings you both content and services that allows you to keep up on the latest news and articles or access the best services for all your needs - everything you do on the web in one place

2) Theneeds is your personalized web, every action has a reaction with a technology that learns from your actions to get smarter and smarter, making your web easier and more tailored to your interests.

3) Theneeds lets you consume or contribute to content from the best sources, including from people just like you - suggest the best for others to discover or discuss your passions

4) Theneeds is community-powered allowing individuals to curate what matters most - vote on what you see to help surface the best, for more quality and less noise.

Intrigued? Want to get their Iphone App hot off the press? Then Join us for a night of party-going, app downloading and prizing winning fun from the creators of Theneeds.  

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