The Trendies Awards Revealed



Ladies and Gentleman, for the first time in Trendy Lime history, we introduce to you (drum roll please) the Trendies Awards!  What the heck. We've been around for 5 years now and would love to honor some of our favorite "trendies" with a rockin ceremony.  It’s going to be a tough call.  We have over 7,000 of our fabulous guests to choose from; all of who have faithfully attended our events over the course of 5 years.

Winners in all categories will receive an elegant Trendies award and an invite to join us for a glass of Chambord & Herradura goodness.  The winners of the supreme award, Mr and Miss Trendy, will receive a slew of prizes from our favorite sponsor, Solz.

Award Categories

After careful consideration, Trendy Lime has come up with the following categories to honor our most special guests.  They are as follows:

The Worldly Jetsetter - Your passport has it’s own passport.  You’ve collected more stamps than the post office and you’re not quite sure where “home” is, but that’s cool with you.  This award goes to the guest that loves to experience the world through their own eyes, and is brave enough to do so.  

The Most Chic Geek - You make thick glasses and marathon video game sessions look cool.  A true original, you are never afraid to be yourself.  You realize that your immense intelligence sets you apart, but doesn’t necessarily disclude you.  Your trendy sensibility and sassy take on fashion make you the geek to seek, and perfect for this award.

The King/Queen of Rock -  You are the source of creativity for the music that surrounds you.  No matter the instrument, people listen when you pick it up.  A key networker, you keep all your fans updated faithfully on your social platforms.  The person who receives this award will be a multi-talented musician who excels at the art of socializing.

The Classic Heartbreaker - Hearts...That’s right, you never mean to break them, you’re just clumsy.  You can charm the pants off the Queen of England, and people fall in love with you at the drop of a hat.  The winner of this award has left a trail of tears, but is just too cute to be mad at. 

The Supermodel - You strut the runway like a tiger on the prowl.  When you walk, people notice.  Designers are blowing up your phone and clothes practically beg to wear you.  After so many fashion shows we've had, it's hard to choose the winner of this award.  Suggestions?

The Owner of the Dancefloor -  You’re the first on the floor, and the last one to leave.  People are inspired by you to get up and groove to the music.  You dance like no one is watching, and you don’t care if they are.  You are there to par-TAY and we've seen many of your skills already. No one is surprised Trendy Lime attracts such exuberance, with all the talented DJs we have play at our parties.  This award goes to the guest deemed the best dancer.

The Social Networker - Suave and smooth, you work the crowd seamlessly.  You treat everyone like a long lost cousin, and they love you for it.  People are always wondering when you will show up, and who you might be with.  A jack of all trades, you can relate to anyone and have friends in all circles.  This award goes to the guest that knows how to grab the attention of a room, and hold the gaze steadily.

The Best Dressed Lime - Everyone has copped your style from the last party.  Bold and adventurous with fashion, you are a true trend setter.  Your classy and original pieces turn heads, and inspire the people around you.  You take careful pride in your appearance, and rock your outfit like it’s the only one in the room.  People notice, and that’s why you are perfect for this award.

Our SUPREME AWARD!!! will be the final award of the evening.  We consider this award to be the ultimate in appreciation for your continued commitment to Trendy Lime and the frequent joy you bring to our events. This award is reserved for the best of the best.

Mr & Miss Trendy -- You always looks great, exude confidence and charm, and you regularly attend our fabulous parties.  After all, they’re practically thrown in your favor at this point.  A constant on the scene, when you enter the room, your presence is noticed by all.  You never skip a beat when it comes to excelling in every one of the other award categories.  That is what makes you eligible for our top prize at the very first ceremony of the Trendies Awards! 

If you know someone to nominate, or if you feel you are a great fit for one (or more) of the awards, please ping Liana at We look forward to seeing you at our festive Holiday Party!  Hurry, because early bird tickets are still available at